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Listen to Cellos by Simi Coni, Sino Coetaneo, Nicolai Bistrita and Gheorge Tirvan, with and without Dr. Zaret's patented Bass Bar. Listen to our Simi Coni, Sino Coetaneo, Nicolae Bistrita and Gheorge Tirvana violins: 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4, with and without Dr. Zaret's patented bass bar!

Here's a Sample

Simi Coni with Bass Bar
Simi Coni without

violin-repairOur proximity to major orchestras and music schools (Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Institute of Music, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, etc.) has resulted in considerable demand for high-quality instrument and bow repairs as well as bow rehairs. We have risen to the challenge by providing outstanding service at a very reasonable price

  • Soundpost setting
  • Fingerboard shaping
  • Eliminating buzzing or vibration
  • Bow Rehair and repair
  • Repairing cracks or breaks

Our staff of highly-skilled craftsmen take great care and pride in every job; whether a painstaking restoration or the routine repair of a student instrument.

We are also very careful to suit the repair to the value of the instrument, in other words, we don’t do a $1,000 repair job on a $300 violin. There are many practical ways to handle repairs that work quite well and we’ll provide the options to you for review.

In many cases, rehairs, small repairs, and minor adjustments can be done while you wait.

Stringed instruments are delicate and complex. They should never be entrusted to people who are not well-qualified to make adjustments or perform repairs. You can be confident that if you entrust your instrument or bow to Peter Zaret and Sons, it will be in good hands.